Read That Again: God Forgives His People

It’s good that your sins bother you. They should. They are an offense and affront to God. But your tendency to lose hope in light of them is not of faith, because faith believes and receives the pardon of God. He forgives his people. Read that again: God forgives his people. He sees your guilt, takes it from you, and gives it to his Son, who willingly received it and its punishment on your behalf. This is what it means to be saved. You have been pardoned for crimes you have committed, rescued from the justice of God to rest in the mercy of God.

Despite what so many are saying these days, you do not need to forgive yourself. You need to be forgiven. When your sins pain your heart, when the Devil accuses you of being a half-Christian whose sins are worse than anyone else’s, look to the God who forgives. He has the final word on you and your guilt.

Joe Thorn, Experiencing The Trinity: The Grace of God For The People of God, pages 45-46.

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