Jesus, Anchor of The Soul

Jesus, Anchor of The Soul*

Verse 1:
Jesus, anchor of the soul
constant in the strife
fierce storms roll against the Church
But you uphold her life

Verse 2:
Christ, unchangeable and true
Your promises are sure
O Church, hold fast to your refuge
For all the hope is yours

You will never let us go
By your blood, we’ve been made whole
Come, all weary saints, Behold!
Jesus, anchor of the soul

Verse 3:
The great High Priest, our sacrifice
Once for all he died
The throne of majesty in heav’n
He’s at the Father’s side

Verse 4:
When Satan, sin, and death attempt
to rend our souls from God
We have an everlasting love
that’s Sealed with Jesus’ blood

*I wrote this hymn after reflection on Hebrews 6-8. Key verses include 6:17-19, 7:27, and 8:1-2. The final verse is adapted from an Isaac Watts hymn on Hebrews 6:17-19 (Hymn 139 in Volume 1)

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