God Moves in A Mysterious Way | 5-Day Reading Plan


Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

One of the ways I’ve been feeding my soul during this season of world-wide suffering is by reflecting on some of the rich Hymn texts throughout church history. The saints of old had a way of thinking deeply and biblically about difficult times and the providence of God. One example of this is William Cowper’s hymn God Moves in A Mysterious Way.

Cowper was no stranger to suffering as he wrestled with deep depression for his entire life. Yet Cowper did just that- he wrestled. He took his sufferings, the Bible, and a pen and grappled with God. In doing so, he produced a time-tested hymn that teaches us to trust our good and sovereign Lord in the midst of suffering.

There are at least 5 Biblical Truths that Cowper’s hymn puts forward for us to embrace in our suffering. Take some time over a 5-Day period to meditate on these biblical truths and you will find in God a refuge for your weary soul.

Day 1 | Embrace The Mystery of God

Day 2 | Embrace The Sovereign Power of God

Day 3 | Embrace The Grace & Mercy of God

Day 4 | Embrace Hope in God

Day 5 | Embrace Faith in God

Fore more information on William Cowper…
Read or listen to this biographical treatment by John Piper. 
My favorite modern version of this song is by Jeremy Casella (Indelible Grace)

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