Songs For The Soul & The Church


Photo by Zack Smith on Unsplash

I love music, I love Jesus, and I love his church. I also enjoy trying to tie all of these things together. How can music help me grow in my love for Christ? How can music serve others and build up the Church? There’s a number of ways to answer those questions. I have two.

Music for Scripture Memory
I’m not naturally good at memorization. Placing scripture text to melodies has helped me memorize the Bible. Writing a simple melody, recording it on my phone, then listening & singing repeatedly is a helpful way to meditate on God’s word.

Music for The Church
While there is a wealth of great songs available for corporate worship, I believe there’s something to be said about songs birthed in your local church. I enjoy trying to write biblically faithful songs that our congregation can sing together.

Since I’ve had some extra time during this Coronavirus isolation, I’ve rounded up some demos of original songs to post online. These are demos meaning they’re lower quality recordings. In fact, all of the Proverbs songs were done on iPhone voice memos. But maybe they can be an encouragement to you as you seek to memorize scripture and grow in your love for Christ. If you click through to SoundCloud you can download each track individually for free.



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