God is With Me. Period.


Photo by Andrew Charney on Unsplash

The LORD is my shepherd: I shall not want -Psalm 23:1

Dane Ortlund in the ESV Devotional Psalter:

This psalm tells us that life with God means we have no lack (v.1)… But notice that David does not claim this about God when life is easy. This is how God cares for us when we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” (v.4). How can this be? How can life be green pastures and still waters in the enveloping fog of deep fears or bitter disappointment? In a sadness that refuses to lift, a habitual sin in which you feel trapped, a rejection by one you loved, or a deep sense that you keep disappointing God? 

The psalm tells us: “You are with me” (v.4).


Would you rather have the mountaintop experience without God, or the dark valley with him?

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