Praying Amidst Death, Racism, & Disunity

Our nation and world is experiencing the weightiness of living in a fallen world in a pronounced way right now. COVID deaths have surpassed 100,000 in our country. The recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd have highlighted the racial strife and violence that plagues us. Political division seems more heightened than ever before. … Continue reading Praying Amidst Death, Racism, & Disunity

MLJ Monday |The Final Answer to All Our Questions

In Why Does God Allow War? Lloyd-Jones ends by calling Romans 8:28 (and the surrounding verses) the final answer to all our questions. Lloyd-Jones ministered through the thick of WWII, even preaching as Westminster Chapel was rattled by German bombs dropped on London. The same word of God that was active and relevant then is … Continue reading MLJ Monday |The Final Answer to All Our Questions